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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you have to download an app?
Answer: No. PassExpress is integrated with the Apple Wallet on iPhones and the Google Pay app on Androids. These apps come installed on the phone and work seamlessly with PassExpress
Question: Does PassExpress need my phone number or email?
Answer: No. PassExpress will never require any personal information from you.
Question: How do I redeem a coupon?
Answer: Simply show your coupon to the place of business, and they will view the back of the pass and click “Redeem Coupon”.
Question: I tried to find the Google Pay app on my phone and it doesn’t look like it’s there. What should I do?
Answer: Most newer Android phones should be preinstalled with the Google Pay app, but in the event it is not there download it from the Google Play store before attempting to add a pass to your phone.
Question: What if my favorite business is not on PassExpress?
Answer: We want to know why too! Have them give us a call!